30 Before 30

All the cool kids are doing it, so I will, too! The list itself is still in progress, but as I come up with ideas and/or complete them, I’ll update the list! Some things are fun, some are things I want to get in order as I get more “adult-y,” and others are just things that I want to do, just because!

  1. Read Pride & Prejudice
  2. Read Jane Eyre
  3. Learn to tie a French knot (an embroidery knot that I just cannot figure out no matter how hard I try!) (completed 12/14/13- see post)
  4. Watch the Star Wars trilogy (my boss almost disowned me when he realized I haven’t seen the movies)
  5. Visit New Zealand
  6. Fill up my current passport and get a new one
  7. Complete my Get Your Sh*t Together checklist (GYST is a website dedicated to helping people prepare important documentation [like a will] to be prepared in case of emergency or disaster. It’s certainly not something I want to have to think about, but it’s a step in the right direction toward “adulthood.”)
  8. Finish knitting my Ravenclaw scarf
  9. Eat at Pizzeria Lola and/or Pizza Luce (they’re not even fancy, but they’re local and I’ve never been able to try either!)
  10. Get another tattoo
  11. Take a Facebook hiatus for at least one month (inspired mostly by this post, completed 1/22/14)
  12. Go to at least two breweries in the Twin Cities (half done- 12/14/13)
  13. Make peanut butter ice cream
  14. Go to Canada
  15. Learn to brew loose-leaf tea (I chicken out even though I have a tea ball- I’m too scared to try it!)
  16. Complete 30 days of the 30 Day Shred
  17. Learn to purl
  18. Go to the dentist
  19. Eat at Mac’s Fish & Chips
  20. Eat at Mickey’s Diner
  21. Get in shape so that the clothes I own now fit again (I realize this one is a bit vague, but I don’t want this blog to become a weight loss blog and I also don’t care about the number on the scale- I just want my clothes to fit!)
  22. Go one week without watching television
  23. Go to Chicago again

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  1. I should do this on my blog too!


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