#21: Clothes that fit

My 30 Before 30 list still doesn’t have 30 items on it (yet), but I’ve decided that’s ok! I’m fine with leaving room for new things to inspire me. 🙂

Though the list isn’t complete, it is growing! Earlier this week I added a few new things to the list, but the one that’s going to take the most ongoing effort is # 21: Having clothes that fit! I’ve made multiple jokes about it for months, but my clothes haven’t fit in a long time. I gave in a purchased a few things in a bigger size, but for the most part I’ve just been stuffing myself into clothes that don’t (and shouldn’t) fit because I promise myself that I’ll “do something about it soon.” It’s not comfortable and it’s not attractive. I’m at a higher weight than I’ve ever been in my life. Almost every picture taken of me over the past year (or longer) has made me cringe. Fernando and I went to San Antonio earlier this year and all of the pictures disgust me so much I haven’t shared any of them, and it’s only gotten worse.

Fernando recently got a Google Glass, which is an Internet device you wear on your glasses. (For the record, yes, I think they are horribly dorky. But I did marry a horrible dork, so what was I expecting?) It has a ton of neat features, like the ability to take a picture by winking. Unfortunately, he likes to use that feature to take pictures of me at often unflattering angles, which is mildly amusing and completely disheartening when I see the results. I’m going to share a picture of the awfulness, keeping in mind that when I see these pictures, I hear Tim Allen’s voice in The Santa Clause when his usually-fit body has morphed into a plump jolly body upon his transition to his life as Santa, “Does this look like A LITTLE WEIGHT to you?!?”


I don’t want to look like this anymore. I want to be proud of myself when I look in the mirror. I want to look at myself and see a strong woman that makes good choices for my health. I won’t be turning this blog into a weight loss blog and I won’t be posting numbers that I see on the scale regularly, but I am happy to report that over the last week, I’ve already lost some weight. I think that’s a good start, given that I survived a week of Christmas treats. 🙂

I realize that this goal may not be as specific or measurable as others as I’m not setting a specific weight that I need to reach by the time I’m 30. I don’t want to, because I don’t want this journey to become a fight with the scale. I’m willing to set the metric as “feeling good in the clothes that are in my closet as of December 27th, 2013.” Maybe this journey will mean I’ll get so fit I’ll be able to buy new clothes- if that happens, great! If not, I will be just as happy fitting into the clothes I have now. Either way, I’m never giving up ice cream. 😛


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