A Nice Little Rut

I’ve been stuck in a rut of sorts lately, and I don’t think I mind. Is that weird? I can’t decide if it’s weird. Lately, my life looks pretty much like this: wake up, make breakfast and lunch, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, cross-stitch, go to bed. It should be boring, but in a way, I find it so predictably comforting. I fear a little that I might be giving in to predictability too often. I’ve stopped making plans with a lot of my friends because I find it more comfortable to sit at home. I think that’s the weird part. Maybe it’s normal for newly-marrieds to feel this way?

Case in point: a friend from high school and I were supposed to get together a year and a half ago, the night before I left for Scotland. I ended up canceling because I was in a packing frenzy and was concerned that I would leave for the airport half-packed! Well, now we’re getting together this morning, a year and a half later! At that time, we were both dating. Now, we’re both married! At least we’ll have things to talk about! 🙂 But why does it take me a year and a half to get together with people? I like them!

Some of my coworkers that also now fit into the ‘friend’ category are working on “30 Things to Do Before 30” lists. I have a bucket list, but it’s full of mostly vague ideas that I put together when I was 19. Most of them no longer apply. Even though it’s kind of a fad to have one of these lists, I like the idea of challenging myself to do things, because maybe it’ll break me out of this boring rut of predictability! Trouble is, I don’t even know what to put on it! I have a few ideas, including reading a few classics I’ve yet to experience and visiting a few places I’ve wanted to go. I have almost two years until I’m 30, and there are lots of things (great and little) that I could do. But where do I start? Any ideas?


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