We’ve survived six weeks!

Yay! We’ve been married for six weeks! Being married is very weird, but it’s also kinda nice. 🙂 Here are a few things I’ve learned so far:

  • It was a great idea to get a two-bedroom apartment. I thought I was introverted; for every half hour of alone time I need, Fernando needs an hour. He just goes and hides in the office until he’s ready to talk to me.
  • We are not good at sharing covers. After a few rough and chilly nights, I started bringing my own blankets.
  • The man snores like a tractor.
  • I really like being married to someone that loves to drive. He’s like my own personal chauffeur! I just have to get myself to work and back and he takes care of the rest.
  • He can’t read my mind.
  • We watch a lot of TV. That’s probably partly due to the fact that he’s an IT guy and has all kinds of contraptions to make TV even better. We can stream stuff from our tablets or phones to the TV- no cable needed! Yay!
  • We’re both equally messy. I have piles of craft supplies and he has piles of computer supplies!
  • I think he likes the fact that I cross-stitch more than I do. The list of things he wants me to stitch is quite long.
  • He’s pretty fun. 🙂
  • I much prefer being married to being engaged.




One response to this post.

  1. Oh man ALWAYS have your own blankets! I learned that early on too 😉
    I appreciate that we have similar piles of cross stitch and techy things laying around our house!


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