For. Ev. Er.

The word ‘forever’ has been flashing through my mind a lot lately. 

When friends that I haven’t seen in years randomly text me and say, “Hey, I’m down the road and haven’t seen you in forever. Can I stop by?” 

When work projects are seemingly impossible, like manually entering over 1,000 records into my new orientation course online. I think, “Holy crap, this is going to take forever.”  

When Fernando puts up with my hypochondria. I’ve had a headache for four days now, and it’s been a very strange one, unlike any that I’ve ever experienced. This is probably due to the high stress levels in my job and in other areas of my life, but of course in my mind, it must be a brain-eating amoeba or meningitis (I should probably be banned from WebMD). Nevertheless, Fernando has promised to stick by my side. And not just forever, but (Yes, the distinction is very important. At least to us. You might get it if you’ve seen The Sandlot.) I’ve put him through a lot already- I’m quite a handful! Let’s talk about the time we went to Red Lobster and, while talking about my dad’s recently-developed shellfish allergy, I made Fernando text me a promise, “I will take you to the hospital if you have an allergic reaction at Red Lobster and will continue to like you.” See? Now it’s locked in my phone Muahahaha. Always get it in writing. Errr, text?

I don’t think this post really has a point, or even anything good to tie it together. Just something I felt like throwing out there! Maybe I just needed to write out my thoughts of ‘forever’ to let them sink in a little, because, really, forever is a loooooooooong time!



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