the next hurdle.

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten increasingly annoyed with weddings. They require so much planning and monotonous detail, and while I consider myself a detail-oriented person, there’s only so much I can handle before I want to vomit out of sheer frivolity.

Before you start thinking that this means I’m planning a wedding, fear not. I’m nowhere near being engaged and I am thrilled with that fact.

The wedding planning I refer to is the new tasks I’ve been assigned as part of my new job. Wedding planning, my dears, is very similar to the work I now do as commencement coordinator. Really, it’s almost exactly the same, except instead of a bride and groom, I have 230 candidates in two ceremonies.

I have seating charts and regalia and music and speakers and announcements galore. I even cue everyone before they process into the Great Hall. (Which, admittedly, is not as cool as the Great Hall at Hogwarts.) The cue is kind of fun, though. It makes me feel like I work for an airline cuing planes!

Commencement takes place this Saturday. Five days.

Five days until I can stop working 10-14 hour days.

Five days until I can start hanging out with my friends again.

Five days until I can stop crying at the drop of a hat from stress.

Five. Days.


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