I don’t think I’ve ever said (or though) “blaaaaaaargggggghhhhhhh” as often as I have in the last two weeks. If you know me well, you know that change and I don’t mix so well. Even though my unorganized living quarters may make you think differently, I like order. I like order a lot.

A few things have gone down in my own version of Hollywood in the last few weeks, but the main one (and the only one I’ll make public) is the fancy new job I got myself. 

Sometimes, you just know you need to switch things up. That time, my friends, was now. But, you see, I’ve now found myself in a new job in a new cubicle in a strange land that is only one mile away from my old job but seems as if I’m on another planet. 


In case any of my new coworkers are reading this (though I know you aren’t because we’re not Facebook friends and most of you still don’t know my name), please understand. It’s not that I don’t like you. I do! (Most likely). I’m an introvert, and that means that it may take me a while to talk to you. I’m still mourning the loss of a really great environment surrounded by (mostly) really terrific, lovely people and it’s going to sting for a bit. No matter how many goodbyes I’ve said in my life, it never really gets easier.

On the bright side, I think once I actually can interpret what these people are saying to me and I finally figure out what to do, I think I’m really going to like working there. Most of the work seems to really suit my interests and personality, so that is a win for this introvert! 

Until I get all sorted out, I’m stress-eating Cadbury Mini-Eggs (my all-time favorite candy) and also mourning the loss of those beautiful chocolate nuggets because my Easter supply is about to run out. My clothes are tighter and my heart is sad that I now have to wait until Christmas for the holiday version. Perhaps it’s for the best… I’d like my clothes to look like I don’t have a six-month-old food baby.

I suppose this blog post didn’t really have a point. Just that I’m kind of on information overload and I needed a way to expel some of it so it can get out of my head and make room for more information- information like the Banner codes I now use on an hourly basis! SHACATT! SAAADMS! SPAIDEN! Oh no! I’m starting to speak like a local! Halp!


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