It’s a new year! That’s so exciting! It’s always nice to have a fresh start, I think. ImageI ended 2012 with the beautiful view from my parents’ deck. I hate winter, which you all know by this point, but because I choose to live in a state that has a lot of it, it’s nice to have moments like this when it’s not so bad.

On the docket for 2013:

  • Travel. A trip to San Antonio in a few weeks! Wahoo! I have every intention of visiting the world’s largest cowboy boots. Yes, they do exist. Hopefully, more opportunities will pop up as the year progresses. I have two years exactly as of Thursday until my current passport expires, and I still have a blank page begging to be filled up with exotic stamps.
  • Vegetables. Veggies and I have never been the best of friends, even during my brief stint as a vegetarian-almost-vegan a few years ago. It’s been building for a while, but it’s become clear to me that processed foods not only have a big impact on my physical health, they do on my emotional health as well! I’m going to make a concerted effort to eliminate most of them from my diet.
  • Unplugging. Most of you know that my laptop is mostly attached to my hand and I never walk away from it whenever possible. When I’m sleeping, it’s about four inches from me. Well, I’ve been reading some articles (yes, actually reading them, not just skimming the headlines!) that state that turning off all electronics before bedtime often helps you sleep better. Given that I’m still having nightmares and I keep scaring my roommate with my night screaming, I’m willing to give it a try, because even though I don’t hear myself screaming, it’s creepy. I’d like 2013 to be less creepy and full of more dreams about happy things, like musicals, Darren Criss, Harry Potter (err, before book 5) and traveling.
  • Exercise. I almost forgot what this word is. Aside from line dancing, my life has not included much exercise, unless you include the stairs I have to climb while at work. My clothes are getting much too tight and the reality is that something needs to change before I have to buy another fancy work wardrobe! I had an ‘a-ha’ moment the other day when trying on a bridesmaid dress that needs to fit in under a month, and it didn’t fit. A-HA! Fix it! Thanks to a brilliant seamstress, the dress will fit, whether or not I choose to eat my vegetables. And thanks to sites like Nerd Fitness, I have the tools to walk to Mordor (ok, so I’m not even a LOTR fan, but that’s just plain cool.) and to move my body instead of sitting here on my lovely couch watching Arrested Development. (Although, that’s arguably a justifiable reason.)
  • Reading. My life in 2012 included far too much internet reading, and not nearly enough book reading to be considered a good librarian. This shall change.
  • Awesome costumes like this.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Geek Prom. That’s all you need to know about that.
  • Laughing. I love to laugh- loud and long and clear.

2013, come at me, bro.


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