Ever since Daylight Savings Time, I have been the lucky owner of… badadadadadaadadadadadadada (that’s my drum roll)…


Yes, friends. Every night for the past two weeks (almost), yours truly has been having terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dreams. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of it all with night sweats, and other times I wake up when my alarm goes off, fully traumatized by everything I’ve just experienced, only to realize that I then have to go to work after watching either 1) my best friends being shot, 2) dinosaurs viciously attacking my city, or 3) a multitude of other great murder adventures that lead me to tears.

Oh, and tonight, my roommate confessed that for the past few nights, I’ve been screaming in my sleep and she’s had to come downstairs to check on me to make sure I’m not actually being tortured.

Um, I think I’m a little stressed. This is not normal.


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