It’s happening again.

You know, that brief period of my life when all I do is feel overwhelmed by everything, even having to decide between almond milk and skim milk for my cereal. I think this current phase is caused by the fact that school is once again in session, and all of my energy is sucked up in the 8.5 hours I’m in my office building, and the “me” that comes home from work is merely just a worn-out shell of an introvert that wants nothing but to sit and read a book and not talk to anyone for a long time just so I can start functioning like a normal adult again. But by the time I feel “normal” again, I’m so tired I’m in bed by 9:30. Being me is exhausting, I guess. 😉

Despite the seemingly unceasing exhaustion, I’ve been pretty content with other stuff. For the past few months, life has been pretty good to me, as if I’ve finally settled into exactly where I want to be. My roommate is near and dear to my heart and is used to my introvert tendencies, I’ve got a nice manfriend that is hilarious and chivalrous, I’m involved in things that make my heart happy, and I have friends nearby that love me and make me laugh. I don’t know why I’ve been so stuck on that thought lately, but it keeps running through my head. Despite the fact that I’ve been stressed to the point of tears more often than not lately, I’ve also been having a ton of fun.

The manfriend and I will be going on a sweet birthday adventure to Chicago in a few weeks- I need to go there for a work thing, so we figured why not visit his favorite restaurant/taproom multiple times while there? I love that we share the same zest for food and beer! It’s inspiring me to get out of this cooking rut I’ve sadly been in for the past few years and actually cook, rather than reheating leftovers or buying boxed stuff. When I moved to Denver, I didn’t know much about cooking because I wasn’t interested in it, and I finally got so used to cooking for my housemates that I got pretty creative with our tight budget and looked at cooking and baking as a type of stress relief. But now that I cook for myself, the zest is gone. So sad. But Fernando has to stop out-cooking me, because he already drives me around town and puts Rain-X on my car and fills up my tires and gosh darn it I need to contribute to this relationship, too!

So, I guess this post signifies some kind of shift, but I don’t really know what kind, since I’m not even a good blogger… I guess what it boils down to is I’m sick of being a Negative Nancy with no energy, and it’s time to change that. If you have any suggestions on how to make this a better transition, please let me know. 🙂


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