In case you haven’t noticed, life is currently kicking my butt. I’ve begun losing the strength and motivation to kick back. There’s a lot going on in my life personally and professionally, and it’s just… a lot. So much that I feel like I can’t keep my head above the proverbial water or do like Dori in Finding Nemo brightly suggests: I can’t ‘just keep swimming’ right now.

If it weren’t for a few friends and my mom, I don’t know what the heck I would be doing at this very moment. Right now I’m nestled in the safety of my parents’ house, laying on the floor of my old bedroom hiding away from all of life’s responsibilities. I’ve realized in the past few weeks that this house is one of my last few stress-free hideouts. I think no matter how old I get, I’m just always going to need my mom. She’s the one that picks me up so I don’t have to drive, cooks me dinner and goes for walks with me when all I’d rather do is curl into the fetal position and sleep for four days.

This is a busy season in my life and unfortunately, as much as I want it, sleeping for four days isn’t an option for me. But at least after a brief respite of love and home cooking, I can keep on truckin.’ I don’t really have a choice.

Deep breaths.

But I did read a really great quote, so I’m going to post that here for your reading pleasure (and so I don’t end on a terribly Debbie Downer-esque moment).

Why do I read?
I just can’t help myself.
I read to learn and to grow, to laugh
and to be motivated.
I read to understand things I’ve never
been exposed to.
I read when I’m crabby, when I’ve just
said monumentally dumb things to the
people I love.
I read for strength to help me when I
feel broken, discouraged, and afraid.
I read when I’m angry at the whole
I read when everything is going right.
I read to find hope.
I read because I’m made up not just of
skin and bones, of sights, feelings,
and a deep need for chocolate, but I’m
also made up of words.
Words describe my thoughts and what’s
hidden in my heart.
Words are alive—when I’ve found a
story that I love, I read it again and
again, like playing a favorite song
over and over.
Reading isn’t passive—I enter the
story with the characters, breathe
their air, feel their frustrations,
scream at them to stop when they’re
about to do something stupid, cry with
them, laugh with them.
Reading for me, is spending time with a
A book is a friend.
You can never have too many.

~ Gary Paulsen, Shelf Life: Stories by the Book  


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mom on April 9, 2012 at 6:21 am

    It was so nice to have you home for a few days! I love you!!



  2. Posted by Elisabeth P. on April 9, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    Wow, that quote could have come straight from my brain! It’s so true! Sometimes it’s easier for me to process tough things through a story.
    And I’m sorry to hear it’s a “Blargh!” season for you right now. If you ever want someone to hang out with or whatever, just give me a call. (Also, I would come to your office speaking a horrible English accent and dressed up like a complete ninny if that would help as well)


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