Mangos and dreams coming true

If my last post seemed crabby, it wasn’t supposed to. I was just re-reading it and I think it made me sound like a cranky lady. I promise, I am not. I just like to be left alone sometimes. 🙂 Because, as you know, music is my boyfriend. We like our alone time.

Today was a good day. It was very productive AND I was lucky enough to be the last patron of the university library to be able to check out a Kindle over break. I squealed with delight and fangirled with the circulation desk worker over it. It’s mine for three weeks. 198 books. Alas, I will only have it for a few days because I’m loaning it to my coworker so she can read The Hunger Games series over break since all of the copies in nearby libraries are checked out with long waiting lists.

But for the next few days, it’s miiiiiiiiiiiiine. Allllllll miiiiiiine. Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Granted, I think I will always prefer a good paperback or hardcover in my hand, but I have to admit that the sheer number of books on this Kindle makes my inner librarian squeal until the cows come home. So many possibilities! So many dreams!

I just love libraries. Did you know that? Do I make that clear?!

Another reason I love libraries… I win prizes from the library.

The other day, our university library was debuting a new language software called Mango Languages and in order to celebrate, they had a bunch of tropical things decorating the library, including a bowl of mangoes.

I won one as a door prize. I’m kind of a mango snob because they literally used to fall left and right on me in Panama. That’s what you get for living in the jungle, I guess. Our mountain was full of those trees, so we’d often just pick up the ones that had fallen that day to eat for a snack. The ones available in stores just don’t have the same sentimental value to them these days.

But this one was sure good. 🙂 Christina and I savored it.

One response to this post.

  1. Every day is a good day for a mango! That’s a funny door prize.


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