Looks like I’ve been neglecting this little corner of the internet for a lot longer than I thought. Oops! Well, I’ll just take a few minutes of my lunch break to catch us all up, shall I?

A previous post mentioned that I was excited for summer. And boy, was I! And now, look! My students all return on Monday! Where did the summer go?

What did I do this summer?

– Went to Mexico on a cruise with my roommate and a bunch of people from Alabama

– Worked in my office, on an eerily quiet college campus

– Went to Bemidji with my seester

– Played outside. A lot.

– Laughed. A lot.

– Drove on the freeway. A lot.

– Hung out twice with my friend and old boss who recently moved from Denver to Chicago!

– Hung out with a friend from Denver that recently moved to Chicago but is spending the summer here in Minneapolis.

– Hung out with lots of friends that haven’t moved recently.

– I moved.

– Went to Chicago on the MegaBus for work! The Spanish consulate is a fascinating place. (Except not really.) I jumped on the hotel bed and visited the Bean and Navy Pier and all those wonderful sites.

– Read a few books, but not nearly enough.

– Developed quite the intense (understatement of the year) celebrity crush on Darren Criss, due to the fact that he is a stud to the max, AND he and his college friends wrote and produced two full-length musicals about Harry Potter. I have watched them no less than seven times this summer. Each.

– Had far too much fun, and sweat way too much. But I’m looking forward to the fall, as it is my favorite season. Yay!


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