Busy busy busy

I would like to say that I can’t remember a time when I’ve been busier than I am now. Of course, I can’t, because my senior year of college I worked four different jobs and took 15-17 credits each semester. But it’s been a while.

Living in Denver was a pretty nice break since I didn’t know very many people outside of my housemates, and all I ever did was play on Facebook and do grad school homework and run. But it got really boring really fast.

Since starting this new job and moving into my fantabulous new house with my exquisite roommate, I haven’t had much free time. Monday nights and Saturday mornings (sometimes afternoons, too) are jam-packed with line dancing. Tuesdays are now filled with church group, when Laura manages to convince me to go (church and I are still in the “it’s complicated” stage of our relationship, but we’re working on it). Wednesdays are workout nights, which are randomly filled with Spanish interpretation since one of my classmates doesn’t speak English. I also have Latin Hip Hop that night, which means a lot of floor slapping, booty shaking, and shimmying. It’s quite the night. I’m also trying to train for a 10k, which I try to squeeze in here and there with a friend when I can, but it’s getting pushed to the back burner. I need a kick for that one.

Today I took on volunteer duties at our local library four blocks away. They were swamped with books that needed shelving, and I asked if I could help. They put me on the regular schedule immediately when they found out I’m a degreed librarian, so now my Thursday nights are taken, too.

Last night I got to hang out with two of my Denver favorites that were in town, and tomorrow I’m starting Spanish lessons over Skype for another Denver favorite that is planning on hiking in Patagonia next winter. I offered to go along. So, in addition to going to Virginia/North Carolina next month, London and Prague in March, possibly Denver in May, and Africa in December, I may be going to Chile and Argentina as well. And France next summer? Geez. I think I need a planner.

I have no idea how this all happened. I can’t say I really mind it, though. I feel like I’m finally a real adult. It just took me a while, I guess. Tomorrow after church I’m going to begin reading a few financial planning books, because my bank account is not happy with me right now. Maybe that part of adulthood will come next. Let’s hope.

Until then, I should probably sleep. I don’t do enough of that anymore. There’s just too much fun to be had!


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  1. Posted by Alyssa Boob on January 24, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    Prague seems so…romantic to me…I think it is because of what almost happened in Prague in that episode of Chuck…

    I wish I had the money to travel, but I don’t and coupled with my fears of being far from home, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it.


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