The only thing I can think of as a New Year’s resolution is… well… to be awesome.

I’ve talked about it plenty ’round these parts, but I get sick and tired of myself when I hold myself back from doing cool things or important things because I’m afraid of what people might think.

Now don’t get me wrong- I enjoy living up to the “Minnesota Nice” standards whenever possible, but I spent a good portion of this year being a doormat for certain other people.

We-e-e-e-e-ELL. No more.

I have no problem with this when I make decisions that make me happy, even if they make other people mad. Case in point: I don’t drive on the freeway. If you don’t like that… well, don’t come visit me. And I won’t visit you! Problem solved.

If I prefer to spend my weeknights at the senior center line dancing rather than at a bar, I’m gonna! Because I can! And DANG IT, when I pass on from this beautiful Earth I want to go out being happy, not thinking, “Oh, if only I would have met more creepers at the Mermaid bar.” Nope. Not going to happen. 🙂

If I choose to spend my hard-earned frequent flier miles on a trip to Costa Rica to celebrate my recent graduation, I’m GONNA.

2011 may just finally be the year I stop living for everyone else’s approval. This could be great!

I guess this isn’t really a measurable resolution, so maybe I’ll attempt to come up with more concrete ideas. Or maybe I won’t. ‘CAUSE YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO NO MO’!





But I probably will run a half-marathon.


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