I made a serious list of desires. Singing in the shower gives a girl a lot of perspective. That, and I’ve had a big, scary, fun weekend full of lots of unexpected highway driving and playing with my crazy, crawling peanut of a nephew and I’m exhausted and a little loopy. And apparently feel talkative enough to blog twice in a few hours.

My dearest Kmae made a list of Big, Fun, Scary Adventures that she hopes to accomplish in 2011. Here are a few of mine.

They’re not exactly all resolutions, but tough luck. This is what you get, mmk?

  • Hang out with my ‘soul sisters’ more often.
  • Purchase a patterned pair of tights and wear them to work at least twice.
  • Learn to make chai by myself- a la Caroline
  • Run a 5K with Alyssa. Hear that, Lys?!
  • Run another half-marathon- with Courtney, provided we’re both injury-free
  • Make an attempt to disconnect myself with the Internet for one day each weekend
  • Go salsa dancing with the roommate
  • Learn a new word every week
  • Go to both hangar dances- no excuses this year!
  • Read at least four books in Spanish. Geez, that’s a low number.
  • Find a church that spurs me on to be a better person with solid convictions- not just a church that feels like a warm, fuzzy rock concert.
  • Get to Africa to visit Linds (this may happen next year, but it hopefully will happen)
  • Visit Denver?! (Contingent upon whether or not I go to Africa)
  • Pick up a new hobby or skill. Maybe planting a small garden and not letting it die?
  • Put a reasonable amount of structure in my life so that I stop squandering away my 20s by playing on Facebook now that I am no longer in school. I keep considering quitting again, but that never seems to stick!
  • Consider giving up chocolate for a significant amount of time. Maybe the whole year- excluding situations where it would be offensive or against my Minnesota Nice nature if it is offered at someone’s home… or if I just really, really, REALLY need a stinkin’ piece of chocolate. (I AM a girl…)
  • Live my life for the most part according to the beautiful, slightly sarcastic yet serious lyrics to this song. I played this the other day for one of my fantabulous student workers and was reminded of how challenging it is.
  • Think of practical changes to implement in my regular lifestyle so that I become a better steward of the Earth’s resources- and my own finances!
  • Stop using emoticons too often 😉 … oops…

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