I like making blog titles that are random combinations of letters. In my brain I don’t use English, or any language apparently.

Here are a few thoughts:

Glee, you are a stinkpot of stupid these days. Every episode is like a train wreck I can’t stop watching. Biggest Loser, you are terrible. TERRIBLE. You are just horrible people that set up other people for failure. Parenthood, however… you are kind of nice. I think having cable is going to be a problem… (Just to clarify, I’m talking about Parenthood the show, not the actual having kids part. That is not something I hope to achieve in my lifetime, but that’s for another post or twelve…)

Chocolate chips and Cheez-Its do not a good dinner make.

Filling out insurance forms is mind numbing.

Working at my old college continues to be an interesting experience. One day, I think the novelty will wear off, but today my old theatre professor sat down next to me at a staff get together, looked at me once, looked at me again, and said, “What are YOU doing here?”

But in all seriousness, it truly has been pretty great. Those of you that have been in contact with me since graduating know that much of the reason I moved to Denver was my severe frustration and disillusionment with many of my experiences and friendships that resulted from college. But being back has been strangely redemptive. I promise.

PLUS. My new life involves LINE DANCING!!!!

… I do still hate suburbia though.


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