This has been one of those days that I am so exhausted my brain can barely function any higher than ‘mumble’ mode.

In other news, Glee, I gave you my heart. Now I feel like you’ve stomped on it and tore it to pieces. You were SO GOOD last season, and now, well, you are terrible. I can’t even stand to watch you anymore, and that hurts. But I have cable now, so HA!

Kimicita- I saw your husband at lunch. It was awesome. Also, we’re still friends on Facebook, but you should be friends with me in real life, too. (That goes for everyone). You’d find my new house pretty amusing. I need your decorative touch for some living room art.

Also, in case you were wondering, it really weirds me out when my friends have babies. Let’s put a stop to that, k?


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