Finally, friends!

Finally I am able to go outside. Minnesota is very very cold in the winter, and very very humid in the summer. I forgot this second part. I have been outside, well, not so much since being back in this heavily accented state, save for the few walks I’ve managed at 6:00 am before it gets too hot.

But TODAY IS GLOOOOOORIOUS. I’ve already been for a jog and have every intention of doing that again this evening.

I am still in full celebration mode after receiving THREE A’s this semester! That’s right. Even after homework disaster 2010, I still managed to sneak by. YESSSSSS.

A few more weeks of summer vacation left. Here’s how I’ve spent some of it: gouda and jam sandwiches, jogging, nephew-ing, job searching (blahhhhh), hanging out with some of the wickedly coolest people I know, chocolate chips, So You Think You Can Dance, the gym, and more. Still so much more to come! Yay summer!


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