Drowning in Homework

I’m still here… still alive. I’m sure you were all worried, right?

My days have been filled with playing with my nephew, eating, doing endless amounts of homework. Only two weeks left in the semester! Woo! I just have to make it until then. So many projects. So little time.

I do let myself take breaks, though. Mostly to watch ridiculous teenage shows that have less content than the back of a cereal box.

And to watch Justin Bieber music videos. It’s true. They’re my guilty pleasure. I waver between thinking he’s a scrawny little punk and thinking he’s actually pretty cute (for the younger generation). It kind of makes me wish that when I was 16 I would have hung out with cutie pies like him at illegal underage dance parties that occur when parents are out of town rather than hiding in the yearbook office playing cards with my friends… um… true story…

I’ve also found a grotesquely sarcastic show to which I am now hopeless addicted. Sadly, I discovered it after it already ended, but it is still amazing. Thanks, YouTube. Thanks.


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