A few thoughts.

I got up this morning at 4:30 to play with my little nephew. I stayed at my sister’s house because her hubby is in Canada fishing for a few days, and she was lonely. Let me tell you, sleeping in a bed with my sister and her two giant dogs is quite the adventure. She also told me, in her slightly confused “new mother” state that Joe didn’t care if I slept in their bed because “we’re like sisters.”

LIKE sisters?!?! 🙂

Then I drove home through my suburban roundabouts and prepared for a day of academic excellence.

On a break between doing homework and looking for jobs, I watched a little TV.

Can someone please explain to me the commercial for the dryer sheets that now can be glued into your dryer? The “mom” on the commercial said that this little contraption, which lets out a little dryer sheet magic in every load, has “made all the difference.” Since when did putting a dryer sheet in the dryer each time become so difficult??

After watching TV and being confused by all of the ads which keep trying to sell me things I couldn’t imagine ever wanting (including a box of single-sheet paper towls for your bathroom because apparently now using a cloth towel just is disgusting), I finally got back to doing homework. When I signed in to my school email, an ad for an undergrad Russian course appeared:

Spies, spies, spies!

Find out about the country behind the spy stories! In Study of Russian Culture (RUS 2710) you will learn about the cuisine, music, cinema, language, literature, and art of Russia. No text to purchase. Final is optional.

Since when did professors get rid of readings and finals???? Wow. Just wow.


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