Still too much.

8:36 pm on a Friday night and I am ready for bed…

Oh, my life is so thrilling.

But really, it is. In an odd way.

I’m still not 100% convinced I want to be here, but there are some great perks.

For example, Caribou Coffee. Sorry, Starbucks, but you just don’t cut it.

And catching up with old friends and their little brothers that were in second grade the last time you saw them and now are getting ready for seventh grade, and they still remember you as the “M&M girl.” Playing card games outside until it’s too dark to see. And then, fireworks, because my suburb is weird enough to celebrate early.

Meeting up with friends that are embarking on new journeys, which means I get to play travel agent. And secretly plan how to fit in their suitcases.

A(nother) Facebook break.


Watching great movies on TV.

Long walks.

Geeking out with my favorite people.

Tea parties.

Hugs. The good ones, that last a good long while.

However, suburbia does not suit me well. Unemployment does not suit me well. Driving in Minneapolis is ridiculous. This weather is ridiculous.

Oh, life. You are one long, strange journey.


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