Reasons I love my family

My mom says things like “Nobody else gives a rippity-doo-dah.”

And she and I sing this song when we don’t give a rippity-doo-dah. We also do the same kicks as seen at 1:27.

My mom and I would rather have dinner with local CSA farmers than go shopping.

My sister is the social worker at a nursing home where many of the patients come from “Up North” and have fantastic Minnesooootan accents. Consequently, my sister is 26 and talks like like a 80-year-old Swedish woman. Sometimes I save her voicemails on my phone because her accent makes me laugh so much; I listen to them when I need a good laugh.

My nephew is four months old and obsessed with the TV. We rarely have it on in his presence but when we do his eyes are glued like superglue. He even moves his head to keep staring at it, which is quite a feat.

My dad works in the yard and down by the lake every morning at 5:00 am and refuses to pull up his plumber butt pants even though my mom and I are horrified at what the neighbors must think.

My cousin and I recently discovered we are both (somewhat) closet country music lovers. It’s not cool to like country in the suburbs where we live, but while talking at my dad’s retirement party at the club a few weeks ago, we discovered that we are both obsessed with the Zac Brown Band (don’t confuse Zan Efron with Zac Brown though). Zac Brown is more bluegrass than country, which is even geekier than country. But hey. It’s good stuff.

I am going to play bingo at the casino with my grandma next week.


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