Change. Change is an interesting thing, my friends.

I knew that moving to Denver would change me, but it changed me in ways I didn’t expect. But it’s interesting to see how life has shaped the people I know and love since I left Minnesota two years ago. Most of my college friends are now married, with a house, at least one dog, and a plan. My high school friends are all on different paths, too. Many of them I haven’t seen since all 622 of us graduated six years ago, almost to the day. A girl I was in Brownies with now runs her own organic farm. Another friend is attending graduate school in France. One of my friends just signed another two-year contract to teach in Japan.

Facebook scares me because I spend far too much time on it to be healthy. But I can’t help it. I love knowing where life takes all of us, and long to know how exactly we all have ended up where we have. Since high school, I have been on so many adventures I can only imagine how similar my experience has been to others.’

So I moved to Denver and back. But what do I do now? What about living in Minnesota did I miss so much? Now that I’m here, everything is so different than I expected. One of my best friends is in Vegas, one is in Illinois and isn’t sure she’ll return. Another may be going to graduate school in Virginia. (Yes, I have multiple best friends. I have been far too influenced by too many people in multiple ways to rank them). My sister is busy with my nephew. My mom is busy with her coupons (yes, Mom, it’s true). My dad is busy being retired and sending me emails from the living room.

I’m 24. I am certainly (mostly) not ashamed to say I live with my parents, because I know it’s not a permanent solution; I am (mostly) ok with telling people my current plan is… well… nothing. What is it about time that changes us so much? Where will this great waiting room period of my life take me? What direction do I take? Where will I be in the next six years? Do I settle for comfort?

Do I finally join the ‘real world’ and get a job that will (hopefully) finally allow me to live a financially independent life?

Or do I attempt to get a job that will get me through another year of what I know? Only to end up where I am now, only a year later?

Or do I attempt to do something so outrageous it will easily trump all the adventures I’ve embarked on in the last six years, only to return to this place again wondering what to do next?

Those are the questions on my mind tonight, my friends.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by bahava on June 14, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    asking a lot of the same questions myself….excited to see where God takes us 🙂


  2. Posted by Kim L on June 17, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Holicita, don’t stress yourself out too much about plans. Some of us are buying houses in the suburbs and working 9-5 jobs, and a little piece of us is jealous of our friends who don’t have solid plans, jobs, places to live. Freedom, baby. You definitely have it right now!


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