Cranky Monster

Guys, I am cranky.

Graduate school started up two weeks ago, and I have already officially screwed myself up for the semester. I’ve been a bit distracted for the past two weeks with visiting friends, insane amounts of things to do at work, and dealing with the fact that I’m once again gearing up for a major life transition.

In one of the most important classes in my program, I forgot to start or submit an assignment that is worth 10% of my grade, and the professor says it’s too late for me to do it. I am just at my wit’s end. I am so distactred these days that I can’t seem to get myself to do anything but stare at my computer, go for walks, and talk to my friends.

I am such a perfectionist that this is just ripping me in half. I feel like such a failure. I think this is just a sign that it’s time for me to go home.

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