I forgot I had a blog. 🙂

The past week and a half have been a complete blur due to mounting responsibilities at work and the fact that I was between semesters in school. I loved not being a student for a while. I’m excited for one of my classes this semester, but not for the other two.

Work is crazy. I can’t believe there are only three weeks left of school, and four until I am back in Minnesota. I directed the fourth grade play, and watching my students perform brought tears to my eyes. They did such a great job and took it so seriously and spoke with such inflection I couldn’t believe it. Many of them are English-language learners and at first they struggled with their lines, but on performance day, they rocked it.

Now that I no longer am rehearsing for the play, life in the school library has calmed down a bit, but now I begin the great challenge of 2010: getting the kids to return their books before summer. Not a major life-threatening issue, but frustrating in its own right. I won Employee of the Month! That was kind of exciting and also embarrassing. All the teachers went around and said nice things about it and I turned bright red as usual.

I still go back and forth about going back to Minnesota. Don’t worry, Mom, this time I for sure am coming back. I’m just not happy about it. Sure, I have a great family with a ridiculously cute nephew awaiting me at home, but Denver is just sensational. I think the key is going to be discovering cool places in the Cities. I pretty much can count the times I’ve been downtown in Minneapolis or Saint Paul on one hand. Meanwhile, I’ve lived downtown in Denver for almost two years. I’m not ready to be back in suburbia. Ick.

Maybe I should just go back to Europe…


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